The Results are In… 2017 Shoot & Share Contest

When I started my journey into photography in 2009 (as a hobbyist) I never dreamt I would be where I am today.  I also never dreamt I would have the confidence to enter a contest!  This year with the urging of my close friends, Andrea Martin and Autumn Branscome, I entered the Shoot & Share contest.  I had no idea what to expect when entering.  It was my first contest ever!  My goal was to hit the top 30% with one image out of the fifty I entered. (Spoiler alert: I hit the goal!!!!)

Over 332,768 photos were entered in this year’s contest.  The Shoot & Share contest is anonymous and the only way you can tell if you’re still in the running is to get lucky enough for someone to see your images in the voting.  Around round 9 I found out that I was still in the running and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the results since.

The photographer community has spent the last two months stressing, waiting on voting to end and results to be verified.  Finally after all the anxiety our results were released today!  I truly couldn’t live this dream without each and every one of your smiling faces and I’m so happy to share with you just how amazingly loved your images are by the photography community.

I learned so much by participating in the contest.  The amount of talent in the contest humbled me.  I spent time researching other’s work… what spoke to me, what I loved and what I didn’t care for which helped me to learn where I want my art to go in the future.  And I learned that my own self-doubt has limited me.  Out of 300,000+ images I was in the top 20-30% for eighteen images.  It’s time I own my art and confidence.   Overall this contest was a fabulous learning experience for me. 
Shoot Share Results
Without further ado, I present you the images that won awards in the 2017 contest…

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