Happy Birthday to Me!

A few of you are aware that last Monday I turned the dreaded 30.  And some of you may also know that I am horrible to pick out presents for because I am a very particular person.  9 times out of 10 my family asks me exactly what I want to make their own lives easier.  For my birthday when my husband asked what I wanted I made one request: a Lenny & Eva bracelet.  There was a condition though… he had to pick out the saying on his own.

Today when my bracelet arrived I opened it anticipating the Alice in Wonderland quote bracelet I had mentioned in passing.  I love Disney.  It was the safe choice for him.  I was surprised and thrilled to find that he had taken the time to read through the bracelet quotes and had not gone the easy route.  AND… he chose a saying that was so incredibly sweet I literally melted… seriously, I am a puddle of water on the floor as I type this.  I am one lucky lady.

Happy 1st Birthday Ms. B!

I am quickly becoming close friends with the lovely Ms. B!  I took her family photographs in November and quickly after her momma called me to set up her first birthday photos.  We cleared out B’s nursery, set up a photo taking area and had a whole lot of fun.  B’s Mom is very crafty and quite the planner so we had tons of fun props to incorporate into the session.  For those wondering, her mom got the adorable sign from Etsy!  Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?

As you can tell by the photographs B loved her first taste of cake and her first bubble bath!

Breck's 1st Birthday Breck's 1st Birthday

Breck's 1st Birthday

Breck's 1st Birthday