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At this very moment – well, the very moment I am typing this – Facebook users are finding their business & personal pages are loading with an error.  People are texting their friends to verify that the site is actually down.  Once it’s confirmed they’re staring at their screen wondering what they should do.  Far too many business owners, especially photographers, have put all their eggs in one basket in regards to online marketing.  They’ve forgotten how the marketing wheel works and haven’t connected spokes to a main hub.  Many haven’t even developed their main hub!  For the next five minutes – because it will be fixed almost immediately, we all know that – they’ll stare at their screens wondering what happens if it’s not fixed!?  Meanwhile, I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t come back for a few days.  I could really use a break from my social media addiction plus all my eggs aren’t in that basket.

Wait a second?  I’m not freaking out!  Yes, you read that right.  I am cool as a cucumber knowing my business is secure without free marketing.  Free marketing that at any moment could slip away whether you want to believe it or not.  I am not dense enough to think the most popular social media sites in the world will crash indefinitely but I’m also smart enough to know that at any minute they could start to charge us, become unpopular for business growth, etc…

Why am I so calm?  Because my eggs are spread out in multiple baskets.

  1. Website.  I have a strong website that I focus my energy on.  Have you seen it?  If not, check it out: .  My website is the center of my marketing solar system.  I attempt to link everything in my solar system back to the site.
  2. Blog.  This one falls under the category of website but it’s a monster on its own.  A blog takes a lot of dedication even if you’re only blogging sessions.  The payback on a blog is amazing though once it’s established.  I have blog posts with over a thousand hits when first published.  After the initial popularity of a post wears off it stays on Google where you’ll still have traffic from Google searches.  It’s a labor of love that continues to pay for itself even after you’ve long forgotten a post.
  3. Social Media.  I am active on multiple social media sites.  Facebook is my main focus but I also have Twitter, Instagram and I just began dabbling in Periscope.  Pinterest isn’t my cup of tea but if you love it, do it!

There are other options that you can focus on with your internet marketing solar system but these are a few I suggest you start if you’re currently sitting in front of your computer hyperventilating like Sheldon Cooper from Big Band Theory!  Meanwhile, I’m going finish enjoying my glass of iced tea during this little social media blackout.

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