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I have a confession to make.  Since my daughter was born I have always imagined that if we had a second child it would be a boy.  Part of me liked the idea of having only one daughter that I could shower with girlie items, have mommy-daughter days and absolutely spoil… then I met these two adorable sisters!  They changed my outlook on future children.  The bond between these two sisters made me want my daughter to someday have a sister who she loved the way these two love one another.  They laughed together, played together and the older one watched out for her little sister ensuring she was safe.  It made my heart smile and I big fluffy heart these photographs. (If you know me then you know if I big fluffy heart something then it’s the real deal!)

Sisterly LoveSisterly Love

Sisterly LoveSisterly Love Sisterly Love

Kelly Broyles is a WV Children Photographer based in Elkview, WV.

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