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I spent a few of my high school years playing alongside Ms. N’s daddy in our high school band.  And while I didn’t know her mommy very well while we were in school we developed a friendship during summer break in college.  In fact somewhere in my basement is a box of photos from that summer with her mommy, a friend of ours and my adventures.  It seemed we enjoyed taking car selfies long before taking selfies was cool!

It’s always a bit of a reality check for me when I photograph the babies of my friends.  It makes me stop and realize, “Wow!  We have kids!”  Somehow the past 15 years have blown past in a blur and we are parents to the most adorable little people.  Little people who hopefully someday will be in band together or invent the next “selfie” long before the trend is cool

I’ve gotten off topic though, this post isn’t about the past.  It’s about this adorable little girl who turned 6 months old recently.  She let me come spend a Saturday morning playing in her adorable Dr. Seuss room, hanging out on the foyer floor (yes, the foyer floor) and enjoying her lilies out back.  Happy 6 month birthday Ms. N.  Hopefully those mean ol’ teethers (yes, I said teethers… I’m a mommy.  We make up words!) will pop through soon!


Ms. N 6 MonthMs. N 6 MonthMs. N 6 MonthMs. N 6 Month
Ms. N 6 MonthMs. N 6 MonthMs. N 6 MonthMs. N 6 Month

Kelly Broyles is a Charleston WV Children Photographer located in Elkview, WV.

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  • KateJune 1, 2015 - 9:00 am

    My beautiful Nora! Love the photos of her, Kelly!

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