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Mr. & Mrs. Cuffee | A Wedding Story | WV Wedding Photographer

On a Tuesday in February I received a email asking if I was available for a wedding on Saturday.  I read it and thought there must be a mistake because Saturday was only a few days away.  Clearly they had meant to put a date for the summer or fall.  I was shocked to find out that this amazing momma was putting together her daughter’s wedding in less than a week.  I am a fan of the underdog and this felt like the perfect event!  A few hours of coverage in a small church wedding where they had one main request: amazing photographs!  We put quickly worked together to work out their wedding photography plans.

This wedding is proof to all the brides of the world that you don’t have to spend months planning to have amazing wedding photographs.  Or even have an entire day of wedding coverage!  In 3 hours we covered getting ready shots, the ceremony, formal shots and a small portion of their reception.

Tori, her bridesmaids, mom & family did an amazing job at pulling together a stunning and intimate event for her & Jason’s big day!

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Kelly Broyles is a WV Wedding Photographer based in Elkview, WV.

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