Hi y'all! I'm Kelly.

I’m a photographer, a wife & mommy.

I live in West Virginia but I love the Outer Banks.

The word y’all is part of my everyday vocabulary.

I say "buggy" instead of "cart", and "soda" instead of "pop."

I google spoilers to my favorite shows when I miss an episode.

I binge watch television.

I’m am obsessed with everything Disney.

My favorite sandwich is bologna, cheese & ketchup.

I love our country & military with all my heart.

I’m a Sony shooter which makes me a unicorn amongst photographers.

I'm so excited you're here! Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable while you browse the website. If you are looking to add gorgeous images, tons of laughter and witty charm to your day, then I believe this is the start of a fabulous friendship.


I've spent the last 12 years falling madly in love with photography - first as a hobby then as a professional. These days I spend most of my time as a child(ren), family, and high school senior photographer.


In my world photography is much more than the pictures we capture; it's an experience. We will work together to create your ideal session, laugh during your session and pick your favorite images afterwards. You'll learn about my favorite products including stunning canvas gallery wraps and coffee table books. And, in the end you'll walk away with stunning photos, professional products and a new friend. You may also have a new show or ten to binge watch with me at your next session.

Kelly broyles photography

Serving Charleston, WV & Beyond

Kelly Broyles Photography

Serving Charleston, WV & Beyond