Letters to Our Daughters: You Complete Me.

(For those reading and a bit confused… A friend of mine told me about a special blog she and some others are writing featuring letters to our daughters for them to read later.  I felt since Addyson was turning one month old today it was a perfect time to start participating. :))

Addyson Jo,

Exactly one month ago today you completed my life when you came into the world at 7 AM on October 8th.

The little fact you are too young to know is that on my 30th birthday in January I spent a portion of the evening crying to your daddy and praying to God wondering if he would ever bless us with children.  It’s very funny how he works… because I never would have imagined on that night that he was listening and planned on giving me you.

I will never forget the moment we found out your were going to be a little girl.  I didn’t believe it.  I had dreamt of having a little girl to dress in cute outfits, train to be a princess and spoil rotten my entire life.  Your grandpa Larry had a dream you would be a boy and I  thought maybe you would be a boy and shock us all.  We decorated your room fit for a princess but in the back of my mind I wouldn’t let myself believe that I had got luck enough to have not only a child but a little princess to call my own.  I would not believe the ultra sound technician was correct about your sex until the moment you were born.

Addyson Jo

When our doctor told me that I could pick the date to be induced I had a panic attack.  You had been growing inside of me for 39 weeks and the idea of actually meeting you caused me to panic.  Daddy & I arrived at the hospital at 7 PM the night before you were born.  The nurse began to give me medicine at 9 PM and by 7 AM you were born.  You shocked us all when you were born 9 lbs 4 oz and fire red hair.  The doctor thought you would be smaller and I had always thought you would have your daddy’s darker hair.  You were gorgeous, healthy and ours.  It was all such a blur but I remember the moment they handed you to me and you opened your eyes for the first time… it was as though you knew that I belonged to you, and you belonged to me.  I cried.

 Addyson Jo

I know you probably will never believe it (HA!) but your daddy & I were a bit clueless when you were born.  Grandma had to teach daddy how to change his first diaper and afterwards he quickly became a pro.  We had a scare with you in the hospital where you choked and had to be taken out of the room by a nurse… Daddy & I have never been so scared in our entire lives.  At that moment I knew your daddy would do everything possible to protect you the rest of your life (and I would too!) and that you would cause us many, many sleepless and worrisome nights throughout your life.  I also understood all the worry I had caused my parents over the years.

Addyson Jo

Over the past month you’ve brought more joy to our lives than you could imagine.  Someday I pray that you have children of your own and you will understand what it feels like to have the love of your child and to love your child in return.  You’ve made me love your daddy more than I imagined was possible.  You have taught me what truly selfless love means and what it means to have your world complete.  You completed our world.  You have brought our family closer together and you will not remember being one month old but I promsie you that you’re one of the most loved and spoiled little girls around… from your daddy, me, your grandparents, Aunt Jenn & everyone who meets you.  And while I am sad you are turning a month old today because I want you to forever stay little, I cannot wait to see all the blessings and joy you will bring to our life.

Addyson Jo

Newborn photos by Autumn Branscome Photography

So, happy one month to my little monkey.  Your laughs and smiles make my heart melt.  I love how you are amazed and instantly lulled to sleep by the sound of the lawn mower and how you cuddle perfectly into our shoulders when you sleep.

We love you monkey.  You have completed me.


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  • Sue BanonisNovember 8, 2013 - 9:15 pm

    Kelly and Nick,

    This is absolutely a wonderful idea for your sweet and beautiful daughter, Addyson.
    It is something she will cherish all her life and how much you and Nick love her and yes how she completes the both of you…My Mother left me manuals that she wrote in every evening. She told me whether it rained or snowed or the dun shone and what the temperature was that day, how many times I had called her that day and if my brothers had talked to her as well. Dinner and neighbors had their respectful places plus where her and Daddy had wondered to that day. My Father passed away on August 25, 1988 and the writings stopped. My Mother was devastated with the death of my Father and lived her life loving him until the day GOD took her to join him…Sixty years of eternal love…I miss and love both of them everyday of my life but thank GOD I have 14 years of beautiful memories…Addyson will definitely know when she gets older how much her Mommy and Daddy, Grandparents and the whole family and all of your friends love this sweet and incredibly beautiful little girl…Love you Addyson…..

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