Letters to Our Daughters: On the Morning You Were Born


Happy 5 months birthday!

We end many nights before bed by reading the book On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman.  Sometimes we read it together and other times daddy joins.  I realized when I looked at your bookshelf tonight and saw our favorite book that I have yet to tell you about the morning and day before you were born.  This is the story of then…

Mommy went to the doctor on the morning of October 7th for her 39 week checkup.  I left work planning on returning for the day yet when I saw Dr. Patton he told me that I could be induced that day or a week later… it was up to me.  A little fact you probably already know about your mommy is that I am a control freak yet making decisions is very hard for me.  I left the doctor’s office in shock knowing I had to call back soon if we decided for me to be induced that night.  I called your daddy and Grandma Jackie.  They calmed me down and your daddy & I decided to start the induction process that night.

I returned to work and, in shock, told everyone I would be starting maternity leave that day because I was having a baby sometimes in the next 48 hours!  I worked a few hours that afternoon because I knew had I gone home that I would have paced the floor for hours.  Your daddy & I went home and waited on a telephone call from the hospital to tell us what time to check in.  We were both so nervous that we ended up cleaning the entire house, taking showers, and watching some TV.  We also told your kitty cat, Jax, goodbye and that we would be bringing him home a sister soon.  Oh, and of course we had to get Penny the bear ready for her hospital visit.

On the Morning You Were Born

On the Morning You Were Born

On the Morning You Were Born

Around 5 PM we received a phone call from the hospital that they would have a room ready for us around 7 PM and we were off to the hospital.  On the way we made a pitstop at Wendy’s for food then we checked in and shortly after your Grandma Jackie & Aunt Jenn arrived to keep us company.  It was rather funny… your Aunt Jenn ended up cuddled in the floor with your Dream Blanket that you now sleep with because she was sleepy and there was no where else for her to nap.

On the Morning You Were Born

By 9 PM our amazing labor & delivery nurse Lindsay began the medication to start the labor process.  The medical staff told me that you should arrive around 2 PM or later the next day.  No one imagined that the next couple hours would unfold the way they did.  Your Grandma & Aunt Jenn left around 1 AM.  Mommy & Daddy attempted to get some sleep after they gave me the second dose of medication.  Around 3 AM my water broke and our nurse called for a epidural.

Mommy will admit that the most scary part of the entire process for me was the epidural.  When the doctor entered the room I told him that I did not want to see the needle and I didn’t want him to do any permanent damage.  He laughed and told me it would be over in 30 seconds… and it was.

We fell asleep shortly after then at 5 AM Lindsay checked on me again.  Her facial expression is something I will never forget.  I saw true shock.  I had dilated from 1.5 cm to 9 cm in less than 2 hours!  She told us to call anyone we wanted at the birth and ran to call the doctor.

Your Grandma & Aunt Jenn arrived just in time.  Aunt Jenn waited in the waiting room while your Grandma came in to the delivery room to capture photos for us.  Between 6:15 AM and 6:59 AM is both a blur and moments I will never forget.  Delivery in real life is nothing like the movies, or at least your birth was not.  It was calm without people running around frantic like they show on TV.

In the delivery room the doctor, nurses, Grandma & Daddy were taking bets on how big you would be… and they were all wrong.  Everyone was guessing between 7-8.5 lbs and when you arrived you were 9 lbs 4 ounces.  We also never imagined you would have FIRE red hair!

I remember being in shock when I saw you.  It was surreal.  I will never forget the moment they placed you in my arms.  Your eyes had stayed closed, until you were handed to me then you opened your eyes and looked at me… and I belonged to you.

That day you surprised the world… you were born faster than they expected, larger than they bet and with bright fire red hair.  You were a force to be reckoned coming into the world…  And I pray you never stop being the amazing, gorgeous, strong willed baby that surprised an entire room of people at 7 AM on October 8, 2013!


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