Letters to Our Daughters: Always Believe.

My beautiful baby girl,

Today you are two months old.  It seems unbelievable that you have been in this world two months yet at the same time I cannot remember a life without you.

Tomorrow your world will change when mommy goes back to work and you go back to school (aka daycare.)  Your adventures in life are only just beginning and I know you’ll have to do many of them on your own but I want you to remember… always believe.

As you grow older you will face many adversities in life that will test your faith and belief.  You will lose the childlike belief that you will soon discover.  But please, never allow yourself to stop believing.

Believe in your imagination.  As a child you will dream of worlds that are full of amazement and wonder when you play, and you may even create an imaginary friend to keep you company while you create these fantasies.  Just as quickly as you learned to use your imagination you will most likely stop.  Don’t.  Continue to imagine because without an imagination many of the greatest inventors and minds would have never succeeded.

Believe in love.  I wish that I could say you will never have your heart shattered but reality is that you most likely will suffer from a broken heart.  There will come a time where your heart will ache and you doubt whether you will ever find your one true love but continue to believe in love, always.  Your mommy & daddy dated other people before they met and fell in love.  It took many heartaches for us to find love… and once we did we realized that all the “love” and hurt we had before was meant nothing to us.  Don’t let your hurt ever cause you to stop believing in love because the man who is meant to love you will never shatter you.  And when your heart is broken, whether it is for the first time or the 10th, you will always have me to hug you and wipe your tears.

Believe in magic.  The magic you feel as a child on Christmas Eve or the first time you ever see the Magic Castle at Disney is an amazing type of magic.  Never let that end.  Always allow yourself to be a child at heart.  If you ever start to feel silly take comfort in knowing that your mommy jumped up and down like a 4 year old the first time I visited the Magic Kingdom… and I was in my 20’s!

Believe in family.  It is a guarantee that at some time in your life someone in your family will aggravate you or let you down but that is normal when you are part of a family.  Always remember that no matter how frustrated you become or crazy you think your family may be that we all love you, believe in you and will never let you down because from your daddy & mommy all the way to your extended relatives, we love you with all our heart & soul.

And most importantly… Believe in yourself.  There is no greater thing to believe in than yourself because when you believe in yourself you will be able to believe in all the above much easier.  On days when you doubt yourself, come to your daddy & me.  You were only born 2 months ago and you’ve already proven to us that you can do anything and be anything you want to do.  Trust me daughter, your determination is already starting to show.  I have no doubt that anything you wish for or want in life you will achieve.  Just believe.



The letters to our daughters is a series of letters to my daughter chronicling the first year of her life. This letter focuses on always believing.

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