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Recently it was suggested that I branch out and blog about some of the things that I love outside of photography.  Add some pizzaz to the blog.  A little more personality.  Let y’all get to know the chic behind the scene a bit more and here we are about to embark on a brand new friendship. *winks!*   I cannot think of a better place to start than the biggest project (aside from becoming a parent) that has engulfed my life over the last two years.

In May of 2014 with a 7 month baby on our hip and a few years of house looking behind us my husband & I purchased our first home.  I won’t lie to you, it was not our dream home.  The first time I walked into our home I IMMEDIATELY turned to walk out.  Luckily my dad & husband stopped me and encouraged me to see past the wood paneling and 1960’s aesthetics that oozed from the house.  They assured me there was potential to turn it into a home.  Within three hours of closing on our home my dad had torn out a wall between the kitchen & dining room (more on that in a later post) and the remodeling has not stopped since that day.  Two years later I am finally start to hang pretties on the walls, which is where I am going to start in welcoming you into our home: our entry wall collage.

At the top of our foyer stairs we had an open wall with a lonely clock.  Why a clock?  Funny story.  When we first moved in my dad & husband took the doorbell off the wall to inspect why it wasn’t working.  Underneath the “new” doorbell they found the original doorbell INSIDE the walls still worked.  With a little bit of wiring the internal doorbell worked like a champ but we found ourselves with a giant gaping hole in our wall.  The solution?  A Manchester Clock Co. clock from Home Goods.  The clock hung alone on the wall for a year while we decided our plans with the rest of the room.  After we ripped the carpet out of our living room/hall and installed new hardwood floor I decided it was time to make the wall feel more welcoming.

An afternoon trip to Hobby Lobby and I was armed with the goods we needed to build a gorgeous collage wall.  A little help from my sister-in-law and we had the wall up within a half hour.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this wall.  Every time I walk through my house I’m greeted by it and I smile.  My favorite piece is the “Love you to the moon and back” framed quote.  Every night as I tuck my sweet girl into bed I tell her that I love her to moon & back which made that piece extra special for us.

Entry Collage Wall

Entry Collage Wall 1Entry Collage WallEntry Collage Wall 1

The Goods:

Manchester Clock Co. clock: HomeGoods
Hello: Hobby Lobby
“Life takes you…” framed quote: Hobby Lobby
“Love you to…” framed quote: Hobby Lobby
Wood arrow: Hobby Lobby
Paint color: Kilim Beige, Sherwin Williams

Do you have a collage wall?  Share it!

I still have at least one more (stair wall) to do!  I need inspiration.

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