Ronald McDonald House Brunch with the Easter Bunny | Charleston WV Children Photographer

A few years ago I was approached by the Ronald McDonald House to shoot an event called Brunch with the Easter Bunny.  At the time I knew very little about the organization except they assisted families with children who are sick.  Since that first year of photographing Brunch with the Easter Bunny I have seen first hand the assistance that the Ronald McDonald House has provided for friends of mine across the country.  It is always heartbreaking when your friends need assistance from the Ronald McDonald House but it is also comforting to know that such amazing houses exist for parents and family members when their children are ill.  I find great comfort in knowing my friends who have used the Ronald McDonald House(s) over the years have had a warm place to sleep so they could focus on caring for their precious children.

This year the Ronald McDonald House of Southern WV is building a larger, more convenient and absolutely stunning home beside Women’s & Children’s Hospital.  Every time I take the interstate through Charleston I see the home coming together piece by piece and it warms my heart.  Please consider donating  to help build this amazing house or volunteering your time to help support this amazing group.  I can assure you the families who will stay in it will be forever grateful.

ronald mcdonald house brunch with bunny Charleston wv

ronald mcdonald house brunch with bunny Charleston wv

ronald mcdonald house brunch with bunny Charleston wv

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