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There are many types of friends in the world… acquaintances, friends, close friends and best of friends.  Best of friends are the people who take you in when you have no electricity because a Derecho hit.  They allow your cats to come along with you & your husband despite the fact they have a dog that may not love the cats.  They keep you company for multiple days while you have nothing to do because work shut down due to said Derecho.  (Can you tell this is a real story that occurred? Ha!)

They are the people who come to your house and carve pumpkins even though none of you have children.  And the people who keep you sane when you have a memory card failure during your brother’s wedding when 7 months pregnant (yes, that happened too and I thank God for a camera with dual-card writing capabilities every day!)

Sara & Levi are the definition of the best of friends.  These two amazing people are about to bring another amazing person into the world… a baby!   They are going to be the most amazing parents in the world.  Trust me, I know… they’ve taken care of me a time or two.

Sara & LeviSara & LeviSara & Levi

Kelly Broyles is a Charleston WV Maternity Photographer located in Elkview, WV.

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