A Room For a Princess: DIY Nursery

When I found out my husband & I would be having a baby girl I knew that her nursery must meet a few conditions and they were items I was unwilling to budge on.  Sadly these items also meant lots of DIY nursery projects for me, and my talent is behind the camera not crafting.

I knew that the nursery could not include a cheesy store bought cartoon character nursery set (sorry if you love those, I just don’t), could not have a lot of light pink (I love hot pink!), must include lots of unique items and be based off Disney Princesses.  Since I already had a framed Cinderella poster I had my first piece of inspiration and began to piece together what is now my favorite room of the house: the princess nursery.

The first… well second if you count the Cinderella poster I already had… piece of the nursery we found was the dresser.  My friend Sarah messaged me on Facebook to tell me that a local antique store had a beautiful dresser.  My husband & I immediately picked it up and restored it.  I love old furniture that’s made of REAL wood!

I also knew that over the dresser I wanted to include Disney movie quotes.  Picking the quotes turned out to be one of the hardest parts of the nursery.  I wanted to use quotes that meant something and would inspire our little girl as she grew.

Disney Princess Nursery

Once we had the dresser the next step was finding a crib.  I am VERY picky and I hated that most cribs have visible bolts so I had a horrific time picking a crib that was extremely safe plus didn’t have tons of visible hardware.  I finally found one I loved in white.  Then I spent weeks scouring the internet for bedding.  If you know me you know I love nice things but I am also thrifty.  I could not bring myself to spent $500+ on bedding for a baby who would end up pooping, peeing and spitting up all over it.  A stroke of luck brought me to a brand new Disney Princess bedding set that had been discontinued years ago!  It wasn’t too much light pink or too cheesy… it was just right.   And of course every little girl needs a teddy bear to snuggle as she gets older which is how we ended up becoming the proud grandparents (ha!) to Penny the Teddy Bear.  Penny was made with love by Addyson’s daddy at Build-A-Bear.

Disney Princess Nursery

I love heirloom items and wanted our little girl to have many items that she would hold near and dear for many years.  Luckily my mom, dad, brother & sister-in-law agree with me and they contributed some amazing items to her nursery.   My parents added a gorgeous hand sewn Amish quilt for her bedding.  The quilt is one of a kind and less than a handful are made A YEAR!  I’ll admit I have yet to let her use the quilt though I am sure as she gets older I will.

Disney Princess Nursery

My brother & sister-in-law added a gorgeous elephant bank that came in a stunning little blue box. ;o)  Along with beautiful animals they brought back from their honeymoon in Mexico.   And of course since I have dreamt of having a little girl since I was little I added my Cabbage Patch dolls (which I refurbished), my turtle piggy bank, golden books and a handful of other items I had kept from my childhood for my future daughter.

Disney Princess Nursery

Disney Princess Nursery

My sister-in-law and I put our creativity together and made a bow holder which also serves as a piece of visual art adding a pop of color to the wall.  A little bit of ribbon, a wood frame, some paint and a hour or so work and we had an amazing piece!

After agonizing over wall color and worrying that using a color would look awkward we stuck with white and one wall has sparkles too!  To break up the white walls I added lots of colorful wall art!  Over her crib I mounted 3 gorgeous photos from Autumn Branscome Photography, and aside from the Disney quotes + bow holder/shelf, we received a gorgeous Beauty & the Beast poster from our dear friend Teri.

There are so many other details I could go into about the nursery but I know you most likely just want to look at the pretty room photos, ha.  Each item in her room was picked and placed with care creating a unique mix of Disney Princess meets vintage heirloom items.  Hopefully it will be a room our daughter will love for many years to come… and if not, I’ll probably end up having a Disney Princess guest bedroom. ;o)

Disney Princess NurseryDisney Princess Nursery


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  • kim meadowsDecember 5, 2013 - 3:18 pm

    Kelly its beautiful! You have always been talented even as kids playing together! Would love to visit in person. Nick you did great also!. Take care

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